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Your vehicle’s brakes will actually start “talking” to you when they need some service attention. All owners have to do is pay attention, and be proactive when addressing brake service needs. The first alert will be a high-pitched squeal when you press your brake pedal. After the brake pads have worn down too low, your braking system is designed to let you know about it. Even with this early alert, the poor condition of your braking system could go unnoticed. You might want to start by driving occasionally with the windows down and the radio off. The inside of your vehicle’s cabin can be insulated from all outside noise, and that’s where all the tell-tale signs are coming from. The team at Spiteri’s Auto in Belmont, CA has ears to hear anything your brakes are trying to say. Our brake repair and service experts have you covered for all brake repair or maintenance services.

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Quality auto service is all about timing. Every braking system will eventually need attention. Drivers often delay brake service and repairs for too long. When you get your vehicle to our technicians early enough we can help you avoid costly repairs and breakdowns. Pay attention to all of your vehicle’s early warning signs so we can get an early look and you can avoid expensive repairs or parts replacements. The next warning sign will be a scraping sound that soon turns into a metal-on-metal grinding. This is an emergency, and will be noticeable to every vehicle or pedestrian around you! At this point, owners should stop driving their vehicles and bring them to Spiteri’s Auto as soon as possible. The goal is to avoid expensive parts replacements. If we get to your braking system soon enough, we’ll be able to save your brake rotors, brake calipers, master cylinders, and brake lines. We also perform any brake repairs or part replacements that are necessary.

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The braking system is your vehicle’s most important safety feature. We can enhance your vehicle’s safety and performance with our complete brake repair services. Every repair starts with a thorough brake check or brake inspection. The key to avoiding costly repairs is letting our team perform routine maintenance service and repairs using the best quality parts and equipment. Spiteri’s Auto’s team of technicians are specially trained in brake repairs for all cars, truck, and SUVs. Give us a call today at 650-257-8567 to schedule your brake service appointment. You can save time by using our convenient online scheduling system right now. Next time you’re in the area, you can stop on by to meet our experts. We’ll let you know exactly what’s the condition of your braking system, and let you know how to get it, and keep it, at peak performance.